Will EPDM Roof Coating Fix Your Flat Roof Problems?

Will EPDM Roof Coating Fix Your Flat Roof Problems?

If you’re looking for a new roof for your business, you may have heard that EPDM roofing is one of the best options. When it comes to roofing, especially for commercial buildings, an EPDM roof offers a lot of advantages. It has a long life and can handle severe weather conditions effectively. This is why EPDM is one of the most popular choices among business owners.

However, even the strongest and the sturdiest roofing materials are not indestructible. A rubber roof can get damaged over time or due to harsh weather conditions. To protect your commercial roof and your business, and to take your existing roof up a notch, you now have an option to use an EPDM roof coating.

In this blog, we will talk more about this type of rubber coating and how it can benefit your building and your roof.

Why is EPDM Roofing Popular In New Jersey?

New Jersey is known for its natural beauty and urban vibe that make it easy to get around. The weather is usually mild, but can quickly take a turn for the worse. The state has witnessed some of the harshest rains and storms, such as the hurricane IDA in 2021

If you live or work in New Jersey, you need to make sure that the roof of your home or business is strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions.

An EPDM rubber roof is one of the most robust commercial roofing materials available in the market, and most of the owners in New Jersey prefer it over other popular roofing materials.

What Are The Benefits Of An EPDM Roof?

The EPDM roof is an excellent choice for your roof because it has so many benefits. This roofing material has been around since the 1960s, and its usage has constantly increased. Below we have provided some of the advantages:

  • An EPDM roof is affordable
  • It can last for up to 50 years with proper maintenance
  • It provides high durability and strength
  • It is energy-efficient
  • It is environment friendly

To learn more about these advantages of EPDM, you can visit our blog, EPDM Roofing 101. This guide will help you learn more about what EPDM is, and why you should consider it for your commercial building.

What Is EPDM Roof Coating?

You may have noticed that contractors can apply an extra liquid coat after an EPDM rubber roof is installed. This is an EPDM roof coating, which is a rubber-based material used to protect the surface of a roof from damage. An EPDM coat works in the same way as metal roof paint does; however, it’s in liquid form.

Epdm Roof Coating

Why Should You Use An EPDM Roof Coating?

As you saw in the previous section, the EPDM roof excels in various areas, but there are also some weaknesses associated with this single-ply roofing membrane. An EPDM roof has several vulnerable areas. If a roofing contractor does not install this type of roof properly, then it can be damaged easily. Also, if the roof receives constant foot traffic, it will not last as long as it is supposed to.

For these reasons, manufacturers have introduced EPDM roof coating options. You can use this roof coating for both prevention as well as protection.

Benefits Of Coating Your EPDM Roof

Below are some of the benefits of using EPDM rubber roof coating on your single-ply roof:

Coating Adds Extra Durability

An EPDM roof is known for its durability, but any roof can falter in harsh conditions. If you want to add more durability to your roof, you can add an EPDM roof coating. When the roofing contractor adds the roof coating over an existing roofing membrane, it adds more thickness to the roof. This extra thickness makes it possible for your roof to withstand wind and hail storms more effectively.

The EPDM material used in the coating is what makes it so durable, and it will not crack or break easily like other materials. The coating is also flexible and elastic, so it can withstand weather changes very well.

Extends The Lifespan Of Your Roof

As described above, the coating adds an extra layer of protection that protects the underlying EPDM roof. Generally, you can expect an EPDM roof to last between 40-50 years, but constant weather changes and foot traffic can significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof.

EPDM roof coating is an excellent choice for improving the longevity of your roof. This type of coating is a rubber-based material that helps to extend the life of your roof by preventing leaks, cracking, and other damage. A roof coating helps seal the gaps and cracks of the roof, and it provides a level surface. This makes the membrane tough and able to provide better resistance against harsh weather conditions and debris.

Improved Roof Insulation

Nowadays, looking at the longevity of the roof material before buying is not enough. You need to take into account other factors such as the insulation. Roof insulation is a sheet responsible for creating a barrier between the roof and the outside, and it can reduce the energy needs in your building.

EPDM roof coatings are designed to improve the insulation of your roof. The coating protects your roof from heat and cold, which can cause long-term damage to your property. With the added thickness due to the coating, the heat loss will be less, which will help maintain the interior temperature of your building.

Prevents Over Exposure To UV Rays

EPDM roof coatings can also protect your roof from ultraviolet rays (UV). These rays come from the sun and are harmful not only to your body but to your roof as well. They can penetrate the roofing membrane, and they can even accelerate the aging of your roof.

You may notice that, unlike the TPO roofing system, which is available in lighter shades, EPDM roofs are available primarily in black or darker colors. This does help with insulation, but one disadvantage is that the black color may be more prone to UV rays.

Roof Coatings Are Available In A Variety Of Colors

If you want to upgrade your roof and protect it from UV rays, you can use EPDM roof coatings to cover your roof. These are available in a variety of colors. For example, you can use a white colored coat if your business is in an area with high temperatures. Other color options can increase the curb appeal of your building as well.

Can Fix Roof Leaks

One of the most important things you need to know about flat roofs is that they are prone to water damage and leaks. Leaks, if left undetected, can reach other areas of the roof and can wreak havoc on your property.

EPDM roof coatings are a great product that can help repair roof leaks. It works by sealing water and preventing it from seeping into the building’s structure. This type of roof coating can be used to repair small leaks or large cracks, making it an ideal choice for commercial buildings.

Top EPDM Roof Coating Products 2022!

There are a lot of EPDM roof coating products on the market, but not all of them are made equally. Some have better performance than others, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before making a purchase. Here are some of the EPDM coating product options that you can consider for your EPDM roofing system:

GAF High Tensile Acrylic Top Coat

GAF High Tensile Acrylic Top Coat is designed to be applied over GAF Acrylic Base Coat. It contains high tensile emulsion polymers and reinforcing pigments that offer protection against damage from exposure to UV and weather elements.

GacoFlex S42 Silicone Coating

GacoFlex S42 Series is a silicone roof coating that can protect your roof for years to come. This high-adhesion coating can be installed over the majority of roof substrates, creating a seamless membrane that helps protect the roof from pooling water, UV rays, and severe weather.

Henry Roof Coating

Pro-Grade 988 Silicone White Roof Coating by Henry is a one-part, solvent-free silicone rubber roof coating system. You can use this not only on EPDM roofing but on other roofing systems as well. The coat is available in white, tan, and brown.

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