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Siding is one of the first things that people notice about any home or business. If you’re siding is weathered, cracked, or falling off, it sends a negative signal about your entire property.

When homeowners consider siding, they often think of it in terms of aesthetics. Does it improve the look of our home? Should we update the paint color? Yet there is more to siding than simple appearance. Your siding is an integral part of your home’s thermal enclosure, which helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If your siding is in disrepair, then drafts may be getting into your home while cooled or heated air escapes.


Signs You Need To Repair Your Siding

Your siding doesn’t always show obvious signs of needing repair. While sometimes you might see noticeable cracks, perhaps after a strong New Jersey Storm, most of the signs of siding repair are more subtle.

Unsure if it’s time to update your siding?

It’s important to understand the signs that it needs to be replaced:

  • The siding has visible holes or cracks, or it is loose on the wall.
  • There are signs of pest (animal or insect) infestation.
  • The boards are warped or have indications of moisture damage, including mold, mildew or fungal growth.
  • Rot has affected nearly all areas of the siding.
  • You frequently have to repaint your siding.
  • Paint inside your home is peeling or wallpaper is starting to loosen from your walls.
  • Your heating and cooling bills have risen without explanation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is siding important?

Siding acts as a shield for the foundation of your home, protecting it from the outdoor elements. It helps preserve the insulation of your home, which is responsible for ridding the walls of insects, dirt and moisture. If insulation is unable to fulfill its purpose, your home is at high risk for moisture buildup, mold and mildew, which could lead to structural damage due to bowing or warping of the walls. Well-insulated siding can keep the heat inside your home while also keeping the cold weather out. Insulated siding is breathable, meaning it allows water vapor to escape, leading to protection from mold, rot and mildew, and contributing to healthy indoor air conditions. Aside from the many practical functions, the visual appeal of siding adds additional allure to your home.

How long will Champion Exteriors be on site?

There are multiple variables on how long it takes to complete a house from start to finish; size, product being installed, access to the home, does the siding have a lot of angles and weather? This question could best be answered when the siding contractor in Hainesport comes out and inspects your siding and provides you with a free estimate. Most standard size houses are completed in 3 days but again this could very based on your sidings uniqueness. The estimator can give you a better idea upon inspection

Do you do free siding estimates?

Of course! Estimates are always free. We will NEVER charge to come take a look at your homes siding, and our sales reps can guarantee an honest estimate.

Do you sell preventative maintenance siding packages?

Of course, a preventative maintenance package from Champion Exteriors is the best way to avoid costly repairs and get piece of mind for your homes siding. Each package is custom built to what your roof actually needs, without charging for the services you don't. With your subscription, we will perform preventative maintenance service twice a year. If you'd like to learn more, give us a call or learn more by visiting our residential preventative maintenance page.

How do I know when I'm due for a home siding repair?

Is your old siding starting to warp, chalk, bend, or pull away from the house? These external signs mean water or moisture is getting below the siding and damaging it. You may also see green or black spots along the siding, which also signal a moisture issue. An important issue to be aware of are rotting wall sheathing behind the siding. This problem can be identified by feelings for soft spots along, or any places that give in, along the siding. If the moisture makes its way into the home, you could see interior damage. Peeling paint or loose wallpaper indicates this moisture issue has taken place.

Are certain seasons better than others to have my siding redone?

Not particularly. Siding can be redone anytime, including winter months. It may even be easier to schedule your siding renovation during the winter months, as it’s the off-season for most contractors. One thing to consider about starting your siding project during that time of year is the potential increase in the length of time to complete the project. This is due in part to paint delays and in part to removing smaller sections of siding at a time to limit the exposure of the foundation to the outdoor elements.


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