5 Reasons Why Picture Windows Are A Game Changer For Your Home

5 Reasons Why Picture Windows Are A Game Changer For Your Home

A reader recently asked us if picture windows don’t open, why do we refer to them as windows?  They also wondered if someone would get bored seeing the same “picture” day and night.

These questions represent his curiosity about picture windows and how they could benefit him. His enthusiasm for asking these questions led us to write this blog post. Because many of you might have similar questions about picture windows, we decided to write a post that hopefully answers any question that comes to mind. 

If you’re also curious about picture windows and how they can make your home more scenic, this blog post is for you. Read this post till the end to receive some helpful insights. 

Understanding Picture Windows

Some people may be confused when they hear the term picture window, and believe it to be a picture of the outside landscape installed on a wall. The truth is that picture windows aren’t a picture, but instead allow you to see the outside view with unobstructed clarity as a picture does. 

A picture window is a non-operable pane of glass that is typically mounted within a large wall opening. Its purpose is to provide a clear and unobstructed view of the outdoors while sealing out unwanted environmental elements. 

Since picture windows are fixed and feature hard, single-pane glass, they do not provide ventilation. To address this, installing them alongside operable windows is often recommended, which allows for fresh air to circulate while still permitting ample natural light to enter your space.

Picture Windows Picture Windows

How Far Do Picture Windows Date Back? 

Though the concept of picture windows dates back to ancient times, you’ll most commonly find their architectural influence in the mid-19th century. In the early ages, ancient Romans made large openings in their walls to help natural light and fresh air enter their space. However, since the architectural design of windows as we know them today in the 19th century, when humans manufactured large panes of glass with the help of technology, picture windows have grown in popularity. 

The use of glass in architecture became more widespread during this time, and architects began to experiment with creating larger, more expansive windows that would allow more natural light into buildings. Since their advent, picture windows have allowed humans to keep an eye on outside events while also prohibiting weather and pests from entering their space.

5 Reasons That Picture Windows Are A Game Changer

Picture windows fill your space with natural light while increasing aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. They also add value to your home by increasing its architectural design and hence its demand on the market. 

1. Flood Your Space With Natural Light

Natural light is what picture windows are installed for. The amount of natural light entering your space through a picture window depends on the window’s size and position. If they are installed on a wall that faces the sun, you’ll have a consistent stream of natural light enter a room, depending on the size of the window. Many home and business owners will install picture windows on a wall that faces a scenic view, like gardens, mountains, or hills to not only bring in natural light but a great view as well. 

Additionally, the amount of natural light entering your home reduces the amount you pay for artificial lighting. 

2. They’re More Energy Efficient 

Picture windows are known to save money on energy bills. A room that has picture windows will have less of a need for artificial lighting, or may only require it when the sun isn’t out. Though they let in a lot of light, these windows don’t let in the harmful UV rays that come with them. These windows are also good insulators, as modern picture windows manufactured by advanced technology are perfect for home insulation that restricts air circulation and heat transfer.

So, if you live in an area where you always need to maintain interior temperature and air pressure in your home, picture windows paired with windows that provide ventilation, can fill your home with fresh air and natural light, reducing energy costs. 

3. The Aesthetic Appeal They Provide 

If you have ever come across homes that have picture windows installed, you are likely aware of the remarkable difference they make in enhancing the look of both the interior and exterior of a home. Picture windows allow natural light to flood your home and improve energy efficiency. They also add an aesthetic appeal that makes a space more scenic and connected to the world outside.

To create a greater sense of connection with the outside world, you can install picture windows on walls facing gardens, mountains, the sea, or grand views of metropolitan areas. 

4. An Unobstructed View At An Affordable Price

Now that you know picture windows are aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient, and bring in plenty of natural light, you may be wondering how much all these benefits will cost. However, there is no specific price for their material and installation costs, but we can provide you with an average estimate. 

A picture window installation includes quality windows, materials, components, and the cost of labor. The overall price will also increase if you want features that enhance the window’s appeal and security. 

The cost for both the picture window and its installation, costs between $350 – $800. However, it is important to note the quality of installation depends on the quality of materials and the level of experience and professionalism of the contractor you’ve hired. It’s also important to note that the window’s size, design, and manufacture are additional factors that influence the total installation cost. If you’re still confused, it’s best to discuss these factors with your window installer. 

5. Increases The Value Of A Home 

While its primary function is to provide shelter and protection, it is also important to ensure that your home is aesthetically pleasing and attractive to potential buyers.

Picture windows can add value to any home. Due to the benefits, we’ve discussed above, these windows will bring more value to residential or corporate settings, and should be installed in these locations. As a homeowner, adding these windows to your home will make it look more aesthetically pleasing, and attract potential buyers. 

Where To Install Picture Windows For Maximum Light

The following guide will help you decide where you should install picture windows in your home or commercial building, so they provide maximum efficiency. 

In Residential Buildings

Homeowners who want to bring more natural light into their space and save energy prefer installing picture windows in their residential buildings. While picture windows can be installed where needed, the following places highlight the benefits of these windows the most. 

Living Rooms

If you have a scenic view around your home or simply want to bring more natural light into your living area, picture windows are your best option. A living area is a place where you spend most of your quality time with family, and if picture windows are installed in your living room, it’ll make the space even more pleasing and feel expansive. Additionally, large pane picture windows installed in your living area can minimize energy costs. 

Picture Windows Picture Windows

Dining Rooms

Picture windows come in various designs. The design you install in your dining area depends on your preference, the size of the window, and the room’s aesthetics. Having picture windows in a dining area will fill it with the maximum level of natural light while also portraying the scenic view outside. 

Picture Windows Picture Windows


In combination with ventilation windows, picture windows flood a kitchen with natural light. Since picture windows only provide natural light and a view to the outside, we recommend you install ventilation windows in addition to picture windows.

Having only picture windows in a kitchen can lead to potential problems as the space needs consistent ventilation and fresh air circulating through. 

Picture Windows Picture Windows

In Commercial Settings 

Many commercial settings may only require natural light to enter a space without needing ventilation, so picture windows are the perfect addition.  

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are designated places for meetings and presentations in commercial settings, offices, schools, and colleges. These places require noise reduction while also allowing maximum light to enter. In conference rooms, picture windows offer what’s required, they reduce noise and flood a space with natural light. 

Picture Windows Picture Windows


Since cafeterias are designed for people’s comfort, picture windows are used to provide scenic views. Picture windows in a cafeteria are large, typically floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a panoramic view of the outside environment. Picture windows can be a major design feature in a cafeteria and can help to enhance the overall ambiance of a space. 

Art Galleries And Libraries

Art galleries are important venues for showcasing valuable artwork, which must be safeguarded from excessive light and air exposure. However, the use of picture windows can allow natural light to enter a space and enhance the overall look of art in the room.

Likewise, libraries create a serene environment through the use of natural light, and large picture windows are particularly effective in achieving this goal. Other types of windows may pose a risk to books that need to be stored in airtight bookcases or cupboards, making picture windows an ideal choice for these settings.

Picture Windows Picture Windows

How To Maintain Picture Window Efficiency

Like many other types of windows, picture windows require timely maintenance. Though their maintenance is easier than other types of windows, they need regular cleaning to maintain their energy efficiency and durability. Below are some tips to help you maintain these windows and increase their lifespan and durability. 


Allowing dirt, dust, and debris to build up on the glass and frame of a picture window causes the view of the outside world to fade and reduces the amount of natural light able to enter. You can clean them using mild detergent and water with a non-abrasive brush. It is important to avoid harsh chemicals and brushes that will scratch the glass. 


Despite their ability to restrict the entry of weather elements and pests, picture windows can sustain cracks and other damage if struck by an object. If left unaddressed, these issues can worsen, potentially leading to further damage that will require the entire window to be replaced. As a result, the prompt repair of picture windows is crucial to avoid additional costs and complete replacement.

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