Metal Roof Types – What You Should Know Before You Buy

Metal Roof Types – What You Should Know Before You Buy

Metal roofs are truly a smart touch to your home. They catch everyone’s eyes and do well in harsh climates. You can choose from plenty of metal roof types. 

But be sure no contractor can misguide you. This happens because people are willing to spend more on metal roofs. You need to do your homework before taking any advice. For that, we’ve got you covered.

Champion Exteriors is the most loved roofing contractor across New Jersey. We’ve been helping homeowners and businesses since 1936. In this blog, our experts have covered everything you need to know about metal roofs.

While choosing a type of metal roof, you will cover 3 major questions.

  • Which metal should I use?
  • Which look suits my home?
  • What type of fastening is best?

You have to make choices based on your budget, needs, and aesthetic preferences. The first step is to figure out which metal you need.

Which Metal Is Good For Your Roof?

Galvanized Steel

This type of steel is covered by a layer of zinc. This makes it more weather resistant and free from rust. Thicker the zinc coating, the stronger the roof.


It comes under the toughest metal roof types. It’s resistant to fire, mold, and fungus. If you are willing to spend a lot, zinc is a pretty good choice.


There’s a saying that copper can last for centuries. In some ways, this is true. Copper is very durable. Also, it’s quite economical material to build a roof. This is why the cost of this roof touches the sky!


An aluminum roof will last for a very long time. It’s quite easy to install but is expensive. Its curb appeal is very pleasing. This is also a good energy-saving option.

After you are done choosing a metal. It’s time for the interesting part – choosing the look and feel of your roof.

Which Look of Metal Roof Suits Your Home?

The metallic look and feel are quite sleek. But if you adore the natural look, you can get that too. Metal roofs can easily mimic other natural materials. Many times, people can’t even tell the difference.

Metal Tile

This roof will give you a ceramic look. Ceramic tile is relatively very expensive. Besides, this metal roof type is more durable, eco-friendly, and economical than a traditional tile roof.

Metal Shingle

Metal shingles replicate the natural look of asphalt shingle roofs. The only difference is that they are way stronger than traditional shingles.

Metal shake

Metal shakes mimic the warm and welcoming look of wood shakes. You will get enhanced durability with a metal shake than cedar. It repels insects and comes in lots of colors.

People find it very amusing to choose the look and feel of their home. After that comes the last step- how do you want to install your roof? This is a very important step and you can take your time.

Metal Roof Types

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What Type Of Fastening Is Best For Metal Roofs?

Based on their installation method, here are 3 major types of roofs.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

You may also call it a ‘hidden fastener’ roof. From different metal roof types, a standing seam sits at the top. It is preferred by most people and for good reasons.

  • In this type of metal roof, the panels are joined mechanically. The screws and seams of the roof are not exposed. This is the best way to ensure zero leaks.
  • It usually lasts for a very long time. We love the fact that it’s weatherproof and needs little to no maintenance. That’s why it is preferred by most people.
  • There are people who don’t need a complete metal roofing system. They just like the look and feel of it. In this case, you can just use metal roofing in your porches and windows. It looks quite sleek.

You need highly skilled professionals to install this roof. Some find it slightly expensive, but this roof proves to be feasible in the long run.

Screwed-down metal roof

This is the most basic metal roof type. The panels of this roof are joined using screws. All the screws and seams are exposed.

  • Since the panels can’t expand and contract, screwed-down roofs are not good for places that heat up.
  • It costs less than the standing seam roof. To keep it alive and healthy for a long time, you need to maintain this roof regularly.
  • Besides that, they are not made to tolerate high temperatures. So, corrugated roofs are better for garages and backyards- places that don’t heat up too much.

Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated means wavy this is exactly what the roof looks like. This type of roof is generally preferred in the countryside.

  • The wavy metal sheets make the roof stronger. Deeper the corrugations, the stronger the roof.
  • Installing such metal roof types doesn’t require extra skills and labor. For this reason, corrugated roofs cost relatively less than standing seams.
  • It costs relatively less than standing seam. Make sure you maintain this roof regularly. Otherwise, it will push up the possibility of leaks. This can prove to be expensive over time.

Champions Exteriors is champion for a reason. Each one of our clients loves our craftsmanship. We’ve installed thousands of roofs over the years. We know that this amount of information can be very overwhelming. Don’t ask your relatives. Don’t Jump to conclusions. Talk to us.

We’ll Help You Choose The Best Type Of Metal Roof

It’ll be easier if you write down your goals and budget. Ask yourself a few questions. How many years do you plan to live here? What are the climatic conditions of your area? Go step by step and you’ll be there soon.

You can contact us at (609) 845-3576 to talk to our experts. Free consultation and estimate is the best way to go about it. After that, we will offer you a free roof inspection. We’ll help you choose the best metal roof type.