What Are Hopper Windows, And Why Should You Consider Them?

What Are Hopper Windows, And Why Should You Consider Them?

While many types of windows are available on the market for different purposes, choosing the right one for your space can be daunting. If you want natural light to enter your home, but only have limited wall space, and also want to stay within budget while maintaining the energy efficiency of your home, hopper windows may be a perfect choice. 

In this blog post, we detail what hopper windows are, their advantages, installation methods, and maintenance requirements. Read this post for the information you need to make an informed decision. 

What Are Hopper Windows?

Hopper windows, often misunderstood as awning windows, are small-sized windows mainly installed in basements and bathrooms. Unlike many traditional windows, including awning and casement windows, hopper windows open inward and are also hinged at the bottom. 

Hopper windows are rectangular-shaped windows. They are often installed in rooms near the ceiling, allowing warm air to escape and fresh air to enter. In many homes, they are installed along with picture windows. Since picture windows are always sealed tight, they only allow natural light to enter, while hopper windows ventilate the space and provide extra natural light. 

In addition, they are a great choice in commercial and industrial buildings as they are installed just below the ceiling and allow the warm and humid air to escape a room. 

Hopper Windows

What Are Hopper Windows Made Of? 

Hopper windows are made up of many components, including a frame, sash, glass pane, and hardware. Each component is made of different materials. For instance, the frame of a hopper window can be made of vinyl, aluminum, or wood. Vinyl and aluminum window frames are generally installed on modern homes as they provide a more contemporary and sleeker look, while wood frames give hopper windows a timeless and universal appeal, making them last longer. 

Windowpanes, attached to the sash, are made of tempered glass, which creates better insulation when hopper windows are closed. The crank, handle, and hinges of the window are made of metal and create a locking mechanism for the hopper window. 

How Do Hopper Windows Work? 

Hopper windows are the best source of ventilation for small rooms, like a basement or bathroom. As mentioned above, hopper windows open inward and down. The sash of the hopper window, which is comprised of a pane made of glass, tilts inside to create an opening for the air to come in while the inward-tilted sash restricts debris, rain, and dust that come as the air enters the space. 

The sash comes with a handle or crank attached at the edge to help you open and shut the hopper window. To open and shut the window, you’ll need to move the crank in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. 

Hopper Window Advantages

Before making a final decision on hopper windows, you should consider the benefits they offer. The list of advantages below illustrates why you should consider installing a hopper window in your home. 

A. Better Ventilation

You might have heard, and also may believe, that large windows provide more ventilation compared to smaller windows. No doubt you are right, however, the fact is, when installing windows, their positioning matters more than their size. In the case of hopper windows, their position slightly below the ceiling, and above other windows, is helpful. Once hot air rises within a home, hopper windows come into play and provide the warm and humid air an escape from a room. 

That’s why hopper windows are a good choice for window installation in a kitchen, bathroom, or any other area where heat frequently generates. 

B. Improved Energy Efficiency

Hopper windows are a profitable option when it comes to saving on energy bills. It may seem too good to be true that a small window opening could bring you enough natural light and ventilation while saving you money on energy bills, but that’s exactly what you get when you purchase a hopper window. 

C. Enhanced Security

Due to their locking mechanism and the tight seal they create when closed, hopper windows are a secure option for your home. As they open to a smaller degree than casement and awning windows, they make it hard for an intruder to break through them completely and get into your home. 

Additionally, tough, tempered glass that is attached to the sash is able to withstand impacts, making it challenging to access the home. 

D. Easy To Clean

The size of hopper windows plays a vital role in cleaning and maintaining them. Due to their small size, easy installation, and fewer components, hopper windows are easy to clean and maintain. All you’ll need is a mild detergent and a soft brush. 

However, if the hopper windows are installed at a hard-to-reach height, their maintenance and cleaning may be tricky, but with a ladder, you can wash and clean them. 

Additionally, you need to maintain and clean them regularly. As hopper windows are installed at a height below the ceiling, dust is more likely to collect, and dirt and dust stuck to hopper windows for a long time can reduce their level of ventilation and natural light. 

E. Flexible Installation

Hopper windows are a versatile option for your home as they can be installed in any room. Their installation is also less expensive compared to other window types. Thus, you may be able to complete your window installation project under budget.  

Hopper windows provide flexible installation for both residential and commercial building owners. Property owners can install them in any place, high or low, inside the kitchen or the bathroom, or in a room or basement. However, it is essential to call a professional contractor to install a hopper window in your home. 

Hopper Window Disadvantages

While there are many advantages that hopper windows offer to residential and commercial building owners, below are some of their drawbacks. Before making a purchase, you should consider them all to ensure you’re making the right choice. 

Limited View

Though to some, this isn’t much of a drawback, hopper windows only provide a limited view of the outdoors. Due to their small size, hopper windows provide less of a view and natural light compared to picture windows. This limited view restricts your vision, preventing you from seeing much of the world outside your window.

Limited Airflow

The small size of these windows can cut down the level of ventilation and natural airflow that could enter through a larger window. Since the window opening is limited to the angle of its hinge, the limited amount of air able to enter a space may affect the level of ventilation inside a room. 

Customization Cost Is High

If you want to install a hopper window of a desired size or shape, it will most likely lead to higher installation and customization costs. While hopper windows are an affordable option for your home or office, depending on how you customize them, the installation may turn out more complex than an average-sized window. 

What To Consider Before Buying A Hopper Window

You need to consider the following factors before buying hopper windows for your home or office. As these factors will affect the window’s longevity and durability, you should consider discussing them with a contractor before purchase. 

Size And Location

Before buying hopper windows for your space, you need to consider their size and the location in your home where you want them installed. As mentioned before, the position and location of the window affects the amount of ventilation in your home. Since this is such a crucial factor to consider when you go window shopping make sure you buy windows that suit the location you intend them to go.


The materials you choose for your window frame will decide how long it will last and how well it will function. Hopper windows are manufactured out of many materials, including vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Buying high-quality materials will ensure your window lasts longer than if you were buying low-quality ones. 

Your choice of material will also depend on the look you want for your home. A wooden hopper window gives a sleeker and more universal look while giving you peace of mind with its longevity and durability. Vinyl and aluminum frames are commonly chosen for more modern homes, which gives them a contemporary look and aesthetic appeal. 


Hopper windows come in various designs and styles, including traditional, modern, and industrial. The style of your hopper window will also depend on your local building codes, and the look you’re going for. For modern homes, you can choose modern-style hopper windows.

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