Can You Paint James Hardie Siding?

Can You Paint James Hardie Siding?

Do you have the temptation to paint your James Hardie Siding? 

Despite the fact that James Hardie siding is condensation resistant, homeowners often complain about moisture development, water stains, and color fading. And though it is possible to paint James Hardie siding, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend doing so, especially if you have installed any of its siding that contains its ColorPlus® technology.

As a James Hardie siding contractor in New Jersey, we will go over the reasons why you shouldn’t paint this type of siding and how you can maintain its original color for years after installation. 

Understanding James Hardie Siding

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Before we dive into the blog post, let’s take a moment to understand what James Hardie siding is. James Hardie is a leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding known for producing high-quality, durable, and weather-resistant products. Fiber cement siding consists of a blend of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, making it a sturdy and reliable choice for home exteriors. 

All James Hardie siding falls under one of two categories, which you can choose depending on your preference and budget. 

  1. James Hardie Primed Siding

James Hardie primed siding is a versatile and unpainted fiber cement siding option. Unlike the pre-finished ColorPlus® siding, the primed version comes ready to be painted in your preferred color, allowing you to have complete control over the final appearance of your home’s exterior. 

If you have a specific color scheme in mind and want the unmatchable durability of Hardie board siding, primed siding gives you the flexibility to achieve your desired look. 

  1. James Hardie ColorPlus Siding

James Hardie ColorPlus siding, on the other hand, is a factory-finished option, offering a range of beautiful color choices. It undergoes a proprietary painting process at the factory, ensuring the color is evenly distributed and deeply embedded into the fibers. 

Additionally, ColorPlus siding is known for its exceptional resistance to fading, providing a long-lasting color that retains its vibrancy for years. The finish also offers increased durability, making it an ideal choice for areas with extreme weather conditions.

Should You Paint James Hardie Siding?

Can You Paint James Hardie Siding Can You Paint James Hardie Siding

This is a burning question in the minds of many homeowners. Some homeowners claim that they have seen blisters on their James Hardie siding, which is undoubtedly a result of moisture that entered through the back of the siding and is now popping through the other side. 

This raises the question, can you paint James Hardie siding?

There isn’t one answer to this, as it depends on which type of siding you have. If you have installed its pre-primed siding, you will be able to paint or repaint the siding, but not without the use of 100% acrylic paint. 

On the other hand, if you have installed ColorPlus siding, which comes pre-colored, you should avoid painting it, as it may void your warranty. ColorPlus siding comes with added durability and a 15-year warranty, which could go in vain if you cover it with additional paint. If damage occurred to the siding, then it’s recommended that you replace it. Doing so won’t void your warranty if the proper guidance is followed. 

Why You Don’t Need To Paint James Hardie ColorPlus Siding

Vibrant, Lasting Colors

One of the primary reasons people consider painting their siding is to refresh or change its color. However, James Hardie siding comes with an array of ColorPlus technology finishes that provide vibrant and lasting color, meticulously applied at the factory. The process results in even coverage and consistent color throughout the siding, eliminating the need for painting and touch-ups.

Unbeatable Durability

When you invest in James Hardie siding, you’re investing in top-notch quality that stands the test of time. James Hardie products are engineered to be incredibly durable, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and the ravages of time without losing their luster. Thanks to its advanced fiber cement technology, the siding resists rotting, warping, and swelling, which ensures a long-lasting, and stunning exterior for your home.

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Fade-Resistant Beauty

The ColorPlus technology isn’t just about dazzling colors, it also offers incredible fade resistance. Traditional paint jobs gradually fade over time, leading to uneven colors and a dull appearance. With James Hardie siding, you won’t have to worry about that. The siding’s ColorPlus technology resists UV rays and other environmental factors that cause fading, keeping your home looking stunning for years to come.

Low Maintenance, High Satisfaction

Maintaining a home can be both time-consuming and costly. But when you choose James Hardie siding, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it requires minimal maintenance. Unlike wood siding that may need regular painting, staining, or sealing, James Hardie siding is virtually maintenance-free. This means you can spend more time enjoying your home and less time worrying about keeping it pristine.

James Hardie’s Guidelines For Painting Primed Siding

As far as pre-primed James Hardie siding is concerned, you can paint it within 180 days of installation, but only with 100% acrylic paint. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of painting James Hardie siding:

Step 1: Gather The Materials

Before starting the project, gather all the necessary materials, including:

  1. High-quality, 100% acrylic exterior paint in your chosen color 
  2. Paintbrushes and rollers
  3. Painter’s tape
  4. Drop cloths or plastic sheets
  5. Cleaning solution and a soft brush or cloth
  6. Sandpaper (if needed for surface preparation)

Step 2: Prepare the Surface

Thoroughly clean the James Hardie siding using a soft brush or cloth. Remove any loose paint, dirt, and debris. If there are any damaged areas, repair them using a suitable patching compound. Allow the surface to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Tape and Protect

Use painter’s tape to cover areas you don’t want to paint, such as windows, doors, and trim. Lay down drop cloths or plastic sheets to protect the surrounding areas from accidental paint splatter.

Step 4: Start Painting

Dip the paintbrush or roller into the paint and begin applying the first coat evenly on the James Hardie primed siding. Work in small sections, and use smooth, steady strokes to achieve a seamless finish. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second.

Step 5: Remove The Tape and Clean Up

Once the final coat is dry, carefully remove the painter’s tape. Clean up any paint spills or drips immediately using the appropriate cleaning solution.

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