4 Reasons You May Void Your Roof Warranty

4 Reasons You May Void Your Roof Warranty

As grim as it sounds, many homeowners unintentionally void their roof warranties. At Champion Exteriors, we’re here to help you understand the critical reasons why you might be sabotaging your roof’s protection plan without knowing.

Let’s begin by understanding different types of roofing warranties, what they cover, and their limitations.

Types of Roof Warranties

There are two main types of roof warranties: manufacturer’s warranties and contractor’s warranties.

1. Manufacturer’s Warranties for Roofing Materials

A manufacturer’s warranty specifically centers on roofing materials. If your shingles or other roofing materials happen to deteriorate or fail faster than expected, it may provide coverage.

Coverage and Duration of Manufacturer’s Warranties

Manufacturer’s warranties predominantly focus on defects in roofing material, such as cracked or lifted shingles. For asphalt shingles, the most common roofing material in the U.S., manufacturer’s warranties typically last 25 to 30 years. 

A critical aspect worth noting about these warranties is that they only cover material costs not labor costs associated with replacing defective components.

Coverage exclusion generally includes damage from incorrect installation and consequential damages like water leaks due to unauthorized repair work.

2. Contractor’s Warranties for Workmanship

A roof workmanship warranty comes into play if problems occur due to faulty installation or poor workmanship rather than manufacturing defects.

Coverage and Duration of Roofer Warranties

This category covers primarily any issues related directly to work performed by roofing professionals during installation. It could be anything from poor sealing around the flashing to incomplete inspection.

From a duration viewpoint, however, this type usually has a more concise time frame compared to manufacturer’s warranties, typically between 1 and 10 years. The length of the warranty varies depending on the contractor. 

Standard Exclusions In Roofing Warranties

If you want to claim your warranty, you must also pay attention to what is not covered. These are common exclusions that might void your warranty: 

#1 Improper Installation as a Voiding Factor 

One significant factor that could void your roof’s warranty instantly is improper installation. An improperly installed roof is like building your house on sand, it won’t stand the test of time and the warranty won’t cover any resulting damages.

Manufacturers provide instructions for their roofing materials, like asphalt shingles and wood shakes. If these stipulations aren’t adhered to during installation, it can lead to premature wear and even structural damage, which extends beyond the scope of most shingle warranties.

Therefore, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to hire a reputable contractor who understands and strictly follows manufacturer guidelines. No corners should be cut because it could ultimately cost you down the line.

#2 Neglecting Regular Roof Maintenance

Your roof needs proper care. Even though a good quality roofing system can withstand harsh weather conditions and serve its purpose for many years, neglecting regular maintenance can significantly shorten its lifespan. This neglect creates conditions that may not be covered by your roofing system warranty.

Routine inspections help identify potential issues early before they escalate into major problems. Pooling water or moss buildup could void your manufacturer’s warranties if left unchecked over time. Staying proactive about maintaining your roof’s health goes a long way in preserving both the structure itself and the applicable warranties.

#3 Weather-Related Damages or Acts of Nature

While a solid roof warranty may cover wind damage up to certain wind speeds or impact-resistant shingles may protect against hail damage, extreme events termed “Acts of God” often fall outside standard coverage plans.

These include extraordinary climate occurrences such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Since these unpredictable natural disasters cause extensive damages beyond seasonal storms and normal wear and tear, most manufacturers exclude them from their product warranties.

#4 Non-Compliance with Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Last but certainly not least is the importance of compliance with all manufacturer guidelines. Contracts often stipulate that any alterations to the roof system or installation practices must be done in accordance with set parameters.

This covers anything from installing rooftop ventilation systems, skylights, and satellite dishes to replacing worn-out shingles. Straying outside these guidelines might void your warranty, leaving you with costly repairs should any issues arise later on due to non-compliant installations or modifications.

Tips To Protect Your Roof Warranty

The value of a roofing warranty lies in how well you can keep it intact and active. Here are some steps homeowners must take:

#1 Regular Inspections and Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Engaging in routine roof inspections is the first step toward warranty preservation. Manufacturers, as well as contractors, insist on keeping tabs on your roof’s overall health. Small problems often grow if unnoticed and unchecked, which could lead to bigger issues down the line.

According to roofing experts, inspecting your roof twice a year is good practice, typically in spring and fall. Your maintenance routine should also include cleaning gutters, checking for leaks or water damage, and removing any debris that may have accumulated over time.

This preventive roof maintenance routine ensures your roof retains its integrity while staying within warranty stipulations.

#2 Properly Document Repairs and Modifications 

Proper documentation of all repairs or modifications not only serves as proof for the insurance company but preserves your roof warranty.

Make sure every change made to your roof, from replacements to adjustments, is fully documented by your roofing contractor. Simply put, no paperwork means no proof.

For example, let’s say you need some shingles replaced due to storm damage. The contractor performs the fix but without supporting documents. In that scenario, any failures attributed directly or indirectly to those replaced shingles won’t be covered by the warranty since there’s no record of the damage.

#3 Register the Manufacturer’s or Contractor’s Warranty

A newly installed roof usually comes with a certificate explicitly detailing its warranty coverages and length. However, simply possessing this piece of paper isn’t enough.

Many homeowners fail to realize that they must register the roofing warranty with the manufacturer or contractor within a specific time frame after installation, usually not more than 30 days. Ignoring this step means you may void your roof warranty.

If you are getting a roof replacement, let’s understand how you can secure solid warranties for your new roofing system.

How To Find Solid Roofing Warranties

The only two ways to secure promising warranties for a new roof are:

  1.   Choosing high quality roofing products from a highly established and reliable manufacturer.
  2.   Hiring a manufacturer certified roofing contractor for the replacement or installation of the roofing materials.

Manufacturers With The Best Roof Warranties

👉 One company worth noting is GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. GAF warranties are some of the best in the industry. Their Golden Pledge® System Warranty is known as their most comprehensive package due to its lifetime coverage for materials and 20-year coverage on workmanship.

👉 Next up is CertainTeed. This manufacturer distinguishes itself through its SureStart PLUS™ extended warranty. It covers material defects for up to 50 years and includes coverage for both materials and labor costs if replacement or repair becomes necessary.

👉 Owens Corning, meanwhile, has its own range of impressive warranty options. Their Platinum Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty, which grants homeowners superior protection under one integrated system, offers non-prorated coverage that lasts up to an impressive 50 years.

Finding The Right Roofing Contractor

👉 The first thing to look for in a roofing contractor is their location, license, and certifications. It’s best to look for a well established local company that has experienced professionals on their team who are certified by one or more top manufacturers, which we’ve mentioned above.

👉 After shortlisting a few certified contractors, check their ratings and reviews on platforms like the Better Business Bureau, Google, Angi, and Home Advisor. Select the ones with the most positive feedback.

👉 Finally, give them a call and schedule a free roofing consultation to find out more about their roofing workmanship warranties and manufacturer affiliations. Also, ask about their labor costs and inform them about your budget, aesthetic requirements, and any customizations. This will help to check if they can deliver better and more cost-effective results than other professionals in the area.

👉 However, don’t choose the cheapest contractor because it usually comes with compromised workmanship, roofing products, or warranties. 

Remember, the best way to buy and maintain your roof warranties is by choosing the best manufacturer, materials, and installers. Your roofing contractor can also help you maintain your roof by developing a detailed roof maintenance plan, which should include bi-annual roof inspections, occasional cleaning, and prompt repair work.

If you’re a homeowner in South Jersey, and are looking for a new roof with solid warranty coverage, our experts are here to help.

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